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Employer Award: Home Maid, A Beacon of Inclusion and Opportunity

By June 14, 2024June 24th, 2024No Comments
Raj Agrawal CEO and Director of Home Maids smiling at the camera

In the heart of Greater Sydney and Illawarra, a shining beacon of inclusivity and opportunity stands tall: Home Maid, an Australian-owned family business dedicated to transforming the lives of its employees and the community it serves.  

For over a decade, Home Maid has been a cornerstone, offering commercial and residential cleaning services. But what sets them apart isn’t just their pristine work—it’s their unwavering commitment to inclusivity. With a team of over twenty-five staff members, Home Maid believes in workplace equity and affords those with disability equal opportunities. Ensuring that every voice is heard, every individual is valued, and every opportunity is seized.  

From the very first meet and greet, where uLaunch participants are warmly welcomed into the Home Maid head office, it’s evident that this is no ordinary workplace. Understanding the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, Home Maid goes above and beyond to provide support and accommodations. Daily check-ins ensure that every team member feels supported and empowered, but it doesn’t stop there.  

Raj Agrawal – CEO and Director for Home Maid transitioned from a successful corporate career in strata management and took over Home Maid in 2019. With a clear vision for revolutionising Home Maid services, Raj focused on transforming the way the business operates. He prioritised employee training and fostering a positive, inclusive company culture, ensuring high-quality service and satisfaction for both clients and staff. In addition to Home Maid, Raj also acquired Onix Group , specialising in strata, commercial, industrial, and hospitality cleaning. His dual ventures showcase his expertise and commitment to excellence in the cleaning industry.  When asked on how he ensures people with disability are supported within his team Raj Agrawal responded, “We alter their hours if it’s putting too much pressure on. We will also give a much longer training period if needed. We have also had staff members leave for medical reasons then we rehire them when they are better.” This inclusive approach has not only provided participants with a sense of freedom and control over their work schedules but also highlights Home Maid’s dedication to fostering a supportive workplace.

Denise Fullerton, Operation manager at Home Maids smiling at the camera.

This commitment to support was evident when one uLaunch participant had to leave their position at Home Maid due to personal reasons.  However, after months of personal growth, the participant expressed a desire to return. The Home Maid team welcomed them back with open arms. “We engaged in heartfelt conversations to ensure their well-being and success” Raj recalls. Today, this participant is on track for a 52-week employment outcome.  

Employment consultant Roylene praises Home Maid for their dedication to providing meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. “We continue to refer participants to Home Maid because of their dedication to inclusivity and the opportunities they provide for individuals with disabilities to showcase their talents and skills.”  

By involving participants in decision-making processes and valuing their feedback, Home Maid stands as a beacon of empowerment and innovation in the community. As a business that understands the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and supports them in achieve their goals.  

Denise Fullerton, Operation manager at Home Maid said: “Our biggest reason for using uLaunch was the original consultant Roylene and her professionalism in finding us suitable candidates and following up on them.” 

The uLaunch team is proud to announce Home Maids as an Employer Award winner, and it is a privilege to collaborate with such an inclusive company. We are excited to continue our partnership, helping Home Maids discover more valuable employees and assisting participants in securing meaningful careers. Together, we are co-creating new pathways to success, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to thrive in their employment and community. 

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