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Support for existing staff

uLaunch will work with you and your employee to provide assistance and support so that your employee can keep working.

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Keep staff engaged at no cost to your organisation, rather than lose valuable talent.

For employers, Work Assist may be able to help if one of your skilled and experienced staff needs support. You may also be able to get assistance with workplace modifications.

Work Assist

Work Assist is available to both individuals and employers who have identified someone as having trouble fulfilling the essential requirements of their job due to an injury, physical or intellectual disability, or mental health condition.  uLaunch is able to provide these support services to you at no cost through the government funded Work Assist Program.

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Workplace Modifications

uLaunch can arrange for reasonable and fair workplace modifications to your office or work vehicles through the Employee Assistance Fund.

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If you any questions or would like to hire someone with a disability, we’ll be happy to help.

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