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Resume tips and tricks

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Resumes are a snapshot of your skills, work history, and qualifications

Don’t be alarmed if:

You’re a school leaver with no work experience.
You’re a mature aged job seeker thinking it’s too late to change industries.

Or anything in between. This uLuanch HACK will help you put your best foot forward.

Tailor your resume

Remember, you’re selling yourself. You want to link your skills, experiences, qualifications, and knowledge to how you can contribute to the organisation you’re applying to.
• Accentuate the positive. Do not focus on what you can’t bring to the company.
• State major achievements and duties to indicate the positive contribution you’ve made to other organisations.

Tip: Mirror the organisation’s culture within your resume by using the same language they use in their values, mission statements, and position description.

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Transferable skills

If you lack industry-specific or role-specific qualifications and experience, you should emphasise your transferable skills.

Transferable skills are the soft skills that can transfer to any job, and every employer wants them. An example of a few soft skills include:

Oral and written communication
Willingness to Learn

First impressions matter

If you have what they’re looking for- make sure you put those skills, qualifications, and experiences at the top of your resume in the general summary. Employers won’t look at the end of your resume if the beginning doesn’t indicate you’re suitable for the role.

Key tips:

Proofread your spelling and grammar.
Keep your resume to two pages (if you have a long work history, just focus on the last 10 years).
Be concise and cut down any unnecessary information.
Provide 2-3 references.
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Explain any gaps

f you’ve experienced periods of unemployment, don’t leave gaps in your resume. Fill the gaps with activities such as:

Volunteer work
Personal projects and responsibilities

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