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Recipe for Success

By September 28, 2022June 17th, 2023No Comments

Shane was slowly losing his enthusiasm to find a job after an injury kept him from working for two years, when he approached Joblife who provided the perfect opportunity.

Shane was quick to share his passion for cooking to Joblife consultant – Melisa, who was excited to extend support in finding the perfect role, as a lover of cooking also. Over this mutual appreciation of recipes and culinary creations, Shane and Melisa developed a plan to overcome Shane’s barriers to employment.

Due to the injury, Shane experienced mobility issues with his wrist due to the nature and seriousness of the break.  This affected his self-confidence and subsequent belief that he could participate in a workplace with any success. Shane also experienced depression.

With social emotional support, the detailed plan addressing the barriers, and practical provisions taken care of such as appropriate clothing for the role, Shane found himself more than happy to embark upon a fulfilling career pathway in the kitchen where he loves being.  Shane enjoys being alongside people who share his passion for food and can learn and grow on the job.

Not long into the role and Shane was assisting his colleagues with more and more duties. Shane explained, “the atmosphere is great – all us workers joke around which makes the time fly while everyone chips-in and helps each other – it’s good”. The owner of the bistro said that they are more than happy with his work ethic, his punctuality, his dedication, his loyalty, all the good things.

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