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Dressing for Success in Western Australia 

Stylist and Participant smiling at the camera

In the heart of Western Australia, an extraordinary story unfolded last week, showcasing the power of person-centred support, community partnerships, quality service, and social inclusion. Busselton and Bunbury became the backdrop for an inspiring event.  

Sandy Crisp, Area Manager for uLaunch, seized the opportunity for uLaunch to work with Dress for Success, a charity dedicated to empowering women through professional attire and confidence-building.  

This collaborative initiative resulted in the uLaunch participants being invited to attend Dress for Success events in Busselton and Bunbury. 


Kicking off in Busselton the uLaunch attendees received free personalised tips and tricks from the event stylists, who guided them in choosing outfits that celebrated their individuality. The day was filled with laughter, socialising, and an overwhelming sense of community. Each lady received  shoes, two outfits and make-up. As you can see from the photos below, the day was a huge success!

Among the participants was Jeda, a local woman who expressed her initial apprehensions, only to find reassurance in Sandy’s promise of unwavering support. The impact of this event was beautifully captured in the testimonials of the participants.

Jeda, on the verge of her birthday, found a newfound confidence. When asked about the event, Jeda stated, “I feel so much more confident in myselfI feel like I can now go to work and know I look good, I can’t believe that’s meI’m turning 50 next week and not only do I have a weeks’ worth of new clothes for work, I also have an outfit for my birthday. How great is this, I feel beautiful. I cannot thank Sandy enough for being there by my side.” 

Jody, on the path of reinventing herself, found empowerment and inspiration through the support and kindness of the uLaunch and Dress for Success teams. When asked about the day, Jody expressed gratitude to Sandy from uLaunch and the Dress for Success volunteers for inspiring her confidence. Melissa’s story was one of transformation, as the outreach style session provided her with the confidence boost needed to approach employers with newfound courage. ‘I feel happy. I love my outfits, it’s a confidence boost’ stated Melissa. Whilst Juanita, who felt safe and supported, discovered the ability to see herself in a new light, breaking free from limiting identities. 


In Bunbury the event was just as transformative as the three eager participants embarked on a journey with the Dress for Success team. The morning air buzzed with anticipation as they arrived, ready to embrace a day that promised more than just a makeover. The result was a stunning transformation that left each participant radiating with joy and newfound confidence. 

But this event was about much more than the outward appearance. It was a stepping stone toward empowerment, a boost in self-assurance for facing interviews, and a leap toward meaningful employment or further education.

Kirstie, one of the participants, shared her excitement, “What an amazing experience! I would recommend Dress for Success to anyone. I walked right past my mum at the shops after, and she didn’t recognise me.” This sentiment was echoed by Stephanie, who found the experience and the volunteers not just helpful but genuinely uplifting, “Awesome experience, the ladies were really helpful and lovely.” 

This collaboration between Dress for Success and uLaunch is a testament to the transformative power of community partnerships and quality service. It underscores the importance of social inclusion, providing a platform for individuals to thrive not just in employment but in every aspect of their lives. This story is not just about dressing for success; it’s about empowering individuals to live strong, confident, and inclusive lives. 

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