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Jessica’s newfound confidence leads to a hospitality career

By April 17, 2023June 22nd, 2023No Comments

Jessica, 21, was living with anxiety that presents in mutism when she first came to for us for support in finding employment. After being referred to Joblife in QLD, Employment consultant Noella starting to getting to know Jessica through one on one sessions that started with text communication and over time with encouragement led to verbal communication. As Jessica became more confident Noella integrated her into a Job Club.

Noella’s encouragement of Jessica to express herself through vocalising led to her feeling supported and soon they were communicating freely updating her resume, discussing types of work and applying for jobs.

Noella “Encouraged and supported me, arranged a job interview for me and accompanied me. She (Noella) kept encouraging me to talk and not write in my phone, but understood when that was what worked for me…and now you can’t shut me up” Jessica said.

Noella helped Jessica secure an interview as a waitress, a role which she has been successfully working in for over a year and is now thriving in her position at Park Avenue Hotel.

Our team has been privileged to support Jessica during this time as she has continued to thrive in her work.

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uLaunch - photo of Jessica behind the desk at her work

Caption: Jessica pictured in her workplace behind the register.

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