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Manjimup Client Discovery Day: Connecting with Community and Nature

By September 28, 2023No Comments

A Day of Inspiration, Collaboration, and Environmental Awareness

The picturesque Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park, nestled in the heart of Southern WA, played host to our Client Discovery Day.

This gathering had a clear mission: to officially welcome clients into the uLaunch program and provide a unique opportunity for them to meet the dedicated uLaunch team and partners. Beyond the introductions, the event showcased the incredible environmental significance of the park, drawing parallels to the transformative work done by the uLaunch team in the Manjimup community.

Connecting with Nature

Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park serves as a constructed wetland, meticulously designed to remove heavy pollutants and large debris from the region’s waterways. The park’s three treatment beds are key to its mission, as water meanders through them, undergoing a cleansing process before it ultimately flows into the pristine Wilgarup River.

The choice of this unique location for the Client Discovery Day was no coincidence. The three treatment beds at the park symbolise the three distinct phases that uLaunch participants navigate on their journey towards independence within the Disability Employment Services program.

  1. Creating Opportunities: Just as the first treatment bed filters out impurities, the uLaunch team works diligently to create employment opportunities for their clients.
  2. Supporting Employment: The second treatment bed represents the ongoing support provided to clients as they secure employment and adapt to their new roles.
  3. Sustaining Ongoing Employment: Finally, the third treatment bed signifies the sustainability of employment – an achievement worth celebrating.

A Day of Connection and Aspiration

The Client Discovery Day brought together a diverse group of attendees:

  • uLaunch Participants: These are the individuals at the heart of the program, each with unique skills and aspirations.
  • uLaunch Staff: The dedicated team behind uLaunch, committed to guiding and supporting their clients on their employment journey.
  • Partners (CRC Volunteer Coordinator): Collaborative partnerships are essential to the success of uLaunch. The presence of the CRC volunteer coordinator underscores the importance of community involvement.

The event’s focus was clear – to encourage open discussions about clients’ employment aspirations. It was a day of connections, where laughter and banter flowed as freely as the river nearby. Even the South West’s unpredictable wet weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of those gathered.

In the serene setting of Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park, participants discovered that, like the water flowing through the treatment beds, their journey towards independence had its own phases. And just as the water emerged cleaner and purer, the uLaunch team was there to ensure that each participant’s path led to greater independence and fulfillment.

This event served as a reminder that, like the water that flows through the park, our journeys may have phases, but with dedication, support, and a strong community, we can all find our own paths to success and fulfillment.

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