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Shane: Mental Health struggles not a barrier to a new career

By September 6, 2023No Comments

Meet Shane , a 45-year-old resident of Sydney. Shane’s journey with uLaunch is an inspiring tale of triumph over vocational and non-vocational barriers, thanks to the support and guidance he received.

Discovering Shane’s Full Potential

Shane’s path to uLaunch began when he was referred through Centrelink due to his mental health issues. His consultant recognised the importance of understanding Shane’s communication style and needs. This initial effort to connect on a personal level laid the foundation for a strong and healthy bond between Shane and his consultant.

Facing Vocational and Non-Vocational Barriers

Shane’s struggles included social withdrawal stemming from his mental health issues. This made it challenging for him to engage with friends, family, and society in general. Moreover, Shane had significant fears about disclosing his mental health issues to potential employers, fearing stigma and personal anxiety.

Shane’s consultant played a crucial role in helping him overcome his obstacles. They worked together to address Shane’s social anxiety and low self-esteem. Through effective communication and continuous support, Shane began to realise his true worth and that social interactions were not as daunting as he had imagined.

Additionally, Shane was referred to a helpline for counseling over the phone, providing him with an additional source of support in times of need.

Shane’s New Beginning

Today, Shane works as a removalist assistant, a physically demanding job that perfectly aligns with his strengths and interests. His newfound confidence has propelled him forward in his career. He remains in regular contact with his ULaunch consultant, providing updates on his progress and seeking assistance when needed.

Shane’s story serves as a powerful testament to the transformative impact of personalised support and the difference it can make in the lives of individuals facing significant challenges. With uLaunch by his side, Shane has not only found a fulfilling career but has also discovered the value of his own life, and for that, he is eternally grateful.

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