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Overcoming Obstacles and Finding FIFO Success

George at his new job

In the coastal town of Bunbury, Western Australia, George McBride’s journey stands as a testament to resilience, determination, and the transformative power of a strengths-based approach to career advancement. 

At 61 years of age, George faced his fair share of vocational barriers, including mental health challenges and medical issues. Yet, undeterred by these obstacles, he wanted to find a new path for himself in the workforce. 

Through referral to uLaunch from Centrelink, George found himself in capable hands, ready to guide him towards his career aspirations. 

With a strengths-based approach at the forefront, the uLaunch team engaged George in meaningful discussions about his current situation and potential outcomes. They provided interview preparation, resume support, coaching, encouragement, and the necessary resources to set him on the right track. 

Despite his initial doubts about his age and experience, George embraced the opportunity with determination. He soon found a temporary bus driver position in Bunbury, knowing it was a steppingstone towards his goal of career advancement. 

Through post-placement support and ongoing guidance and encouragement from uLaunch, George flourished in his role. His dedication and hard work caught the attention of Blue Tongue FIFO, leading to a full-time position as a bus driver – a testament to his resilience and the support he received. 

George is thriving in his new role and upon reflecting on his journey, his advice to those facing similar challenges rings loud and clear: “Don’t give up and have a purpose and a goal that is realistic.”  

As George navigates his newfound success, his story is as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. With the right support, and ultimately encouragement, barriers can be overcome. 

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