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Jeong celebrates 1 year on the job with his Joblife Consultant

By April 27, 2022June 17th, 2023No Comments

Sydney client, Jeong Lee, and Senior Employment Consultant Nefa Alic-Pirgic are photographed above celebrating Jeong’s almost-1 year work anniversary. Nefa treated Jeong to a lunch to congratulate him on the milestone.

Jeong has a keen interest in media, with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in this discipline. He is also working on a second master’s degree in media.

Jeong was last employed in 2018, where he worked in a grocery store for a few months before obtaining an ankle injury.

Jeong lives with Musculo-skeletal Disorder and came to Joblife to follow his dream to work in media and communications.

“Joblife supported with anything they could do for me to find a job.” Jeong said.

This included updating his resume, speaking to the Joblife employer network, applying for jobs on Seek and Indeed, interview preparation, providing clothes for work, and opal card top-ups.

“Joblife supported me with travel fares and any extra support I needed for my work.” Jeong explains.

Jeong now works in Digital Marketing and recommends Joblife to anyone looking for tailored support to fit your individual needs.

“Joblife will always be there to help you achieve your goals in your career. Even after Joblife helped me find a job, Nefa has always been checking up on me to see how I’m doing at work which is very helpful.” Jeong said.

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Any participants in this article were being supported by our team at Joblife Employment and Jobfind at the time of publishing.