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Joblife Traineeship Program

By May 6, 2022June 17th, 2023No Comments

The inaugural Joblife Traineeship Program launched on February 7th 2022. The requirement to apply? Being a Joblife client who is interested in being an Employment Consultant.

This 12-month traineeship sees the trainees work towards completing a dual qualification: Certificate IV in Employment Services and a Certificate IV in Career Development.


Brendan Stack, our Mirrabooka trainee, previously worked as a labourer and had employment consultant experience to boot. Brendan sustained a back injury and was unable to return to his labouring job.

“You won’t find another place that shows compassion for their clients or employees. I enjoy the feeling I get when I wake up in the morning to go to work, the feeling like I have something in my life.” Brendan said.

Our Seaton trainee, Leanne Pellizzari, has 20 years’ experience from her family’s book binding company. Leanne had many roles, including managerial positions. Living with dyslexia, Leanne was excited to become a trainee so she can help people like her.

“Joblife gave me the support I needed to realise what career would suit me, and then supported me on that journey. As a trainee, I have enjoyed the friendliness and support I have gotten. I don’t feel like I have to hide who I am or my disability. The role is a learning curve, there are challenges, but I have a year to learn.” Leanne said.

Mathew Dalli, the Darlinghurst trainee, has worked as a mechanic, but his doctor advised him to change careers due to his epilepsy.

“Joblife is smaller, we can spend more time with you and help you. They cared about me. They were someone to talk to, it got me out of the house, they were approachable As a trainee, it’s the same support I’ve received as a client. Everyone is easy to talk to and they make it easy to learn.” Mathew said.

Charlee Rowe, our trainee in Manjimup, has experience in industries like hospitality, cleaning, and administration. After she slipping a disc, she was homebound and unable to work for over a year.

“My first conversation with my Employment Consultant, we talked about my goals and how I want to be a foster carer. She pointed out to me that I was compassionate and wanted to help people, and thought I’d be perfect for the traineeship. I’ve enjoyed the support I’ve received in the traineeship the most. I’ve never been in a job that has this much support. In my first week, they got me an adjustable desk.” Charlee said.

Lee Doherty, our Townsville trainee, has extensive experience in community work, such as running the first Youth Gay support group in Townsville, and managerial experience in hospitality.

“[Joblife] will change your life. The traineeship has been great. I’ve enjoyed shadowing staff. The training and support are amazing. I got to go to a DES management meeting in the community to hear the issues and get amongst it.” Lee said.

Emily Mayor is our Wallsend trainee. With experience in retail, call centres, and administration, her Employment Consultant thought she had all the transferable skills to be a great Joblife trainee.

“I was excited I could help people who were like me and there was flexibility for part time work. It’s the full package.” Emily said.

We are excited that, through this traineeship, we can really help our clients gain the experience and confidence they need to go forward in their careers.

Any participants in this article were being supported by our team at Joblife Employment and Jobfind at the time of publishing.