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“I’m not done yet.” Jordan’s remarkable return to work

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Jordan’s* return to work defied his own expectations. Twenty-five years of working in high-pressure sales and customer service roles had resulted in him isolating at home for more than 18 months with anxiety and depression.

Despite being eligible to receive a disability support pension, Jordan decided to pursue part-time work.

“I got to the point where I realised, I’m not done yet.”

“What I was lacking in my life was purpose,” says Jordan.

Within a couple of months of meeting his Jobfind disability employment consultant, Julien Laurent, Jordan was working in a flexible role with a team and company that matches his values.

Creating the right opportunity for Jordan

Julien soon understood that finding a company with a supportive workplace culture would be critical to Jordan’s successful return to work.

As a disability employment services consultant, Julien is often meeting with local employers in Melbourne to understand their workforce needs.

After meeting with the managing director of a start-up technology company, he understood that their supportive culture and flexibility to work from home could be a good fit for Jordan.

Plus, Jordan’s senior skills would be a great asset to this company.

“I personally advocated for Jordan with the managing director. He was very supportive of making the role flexible to suit the right person’s needs.”

Just a few weeks after commencing his job search with Jobfind, Jordan had an interview with the company.

Employer creates a new role for Jordan

Jordan’s skills and passion for joining a company with purpose set him apart from other candidates and he was offered the job.

In fact, the employer even designed the role to suit Jordan’s work capacity.

In his new role in business development, Jordan can utilise his sales and customer service skills. He also works from home, has rest breaks when he needs them, and appreciates the ongoing support from his manager and team.

“They will ring me after a meeting and ask how I am feeling.”

Importantly, Jordan feels like he is still pushing his potential in his new job. “I’ve come a long way since starting six months ago…I’m still growing.”

Ongoing support keeps Jordan on the job

Jordan has ongoing mental health challenges that he manages with a support team of his GP, psychologist and now, his disability employment services consultant, Julien.

Jordan and Julien continue to catch up on the phone at least fortnightly. And Jordan is quick to praise Julien’s care.

“Julien is the best [disability employment services consultant] I’ve ever met. He genuinely cares and understands,” says Jordan.

Jordan’s new company has been a soft place to land after the high stressors he experienced in his previous jobs. “I am surrounded by people who have purpose and genuinely bring positive change in the work they do and that’s what’s lifted me up,” he says.

Six months on, Jordan is catching public transport, attending industry meetings, and feeling less isolated.

His openness with his mental health challenges has opened doors to new friendships at work.

“It’s amazing what effect is has when you speak to people from your heart.”

Jordan’s innate sense that his working career was not over has been spot on.

In fact, it looks like his time to shine has come.

About Jobfind disability employment service

Jobfind delivers government-funded disability employment services in local government areas in Central West Sydney, Fairfield, Liverpool, Wollongong, Bayside, Monash and Cairns. Jobfind’s approach to delivering Disability Employment Services and NDIS supports is based on getting to know your capabilities and what you need to thrive in work and beyond.

Understanding what you need, we can help you prepare for the workforce with the right training and development support. We can help you find the right job through our network of partner employers. And we can make sure your new workplace has the right supports in place for you to succeed.

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* name changed for privacy