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Don’t Give Up at No!

By September 14, 2022June 17th, 2023No Comments

Jamie, after many years of trying, has secured a rewarding job thanks to help from his Joblife Consultant – Stacey and Regional Team Leader – Kathy. Our team helped him uncover amazing qualities that he never knew he had.

Jamie, who has autism, had previously been registered with other employment agencies for 3 years so was eager to find work when he approached Joblife. Our team noticed his potential right away and were excited to help him achieve this goal. “When Jamie connected with Joblife, he hadn’t thought of himself as persistent or determined. Jamie hadn’t recognised or nurtured his love of hospitality,” Stacey explained.

On Jamie’s journey to finding a job, he had received many unsuccessful job offers, however this didn’t deter him from trying again. Now Jamie is motivating others who may be going through the same thing saying, “be persistent – if you stop at no, the answer is always no.”

Kathy and Stacey used their knowledge and contacts to search for a suitable employer who would also recognise Jamie’s great qualities. Success was found at The Brother’s Leagues Club when Kathy followed up on a job vacancy advertised on radio. Trevor – the HR Manager at The Brother’s Leagues Club, agreed that Jamie is the perfect fit for the club. Trevor also encourages others saying, “have the belief in yourself to have a go,”

Together our team worked through the paperwork, work modules, police clearance, and Joblife purchased a brand-new pair of work pants on Jamie’s behalf.

Jamie’s confidence continues to grow as he continues to work and further develop his passion for hospitality.

Kathy met with Trevor HR Manager at Brothers Leagues Club who advised that Jamie is part of the Brothers Family now.

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