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From Unemployed to Full-time work

By May 6, 2022June 17th, 2023No Comments

Brenton learned of the success of other Joblife clients and thought he can do it too!

Many people can lack confidence when applying for a job but when it’s partnered with post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and back pain it’ a huge double whammy.

Brenton had been unemployed due to his experience with mental illness and back pain for three years when centrelink referred him to Joblife. The 55-year-old was frustrated and was unsure about any possible job opportunities available to him.

Through conversation, Brenton revealed his love of customer service and skills in retail. The Joblife employment consultant (EC) then matched him with an employer, and an interview was set up. The Joblife EC ensured Brenton was super confident and over prepared by addressing the interview questions and the importance of first impressions with him.

Brenton not only succeeded in the first interview, but also the second and third interview and got the job! He now works full-time as a retail assistant which entails case handling, restocking and maintaining the store plus customer service.

The Joblife team continue to support Brenton with his role by staying in close contact offering post placement support.

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