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The uLaunch NDIS Team Celebrates Kaurna Day

By March 1, 2024March 4th, 2024No Comments

On February 27th, the University of Adelaide kick-started its 150th year celebrations by hosting the first-ever Karuna DayTirkanthiNgutuTaikurrinthi (Learning – Knowledge – Be united together). A day dedicated to honouring the vibrant culture of the Karuna people, the traditional custodians of Adelaide and the Adelaide plains. 

uLaunch NDIS consultant Melissa Black had the honour of representing uLaunch on the day and she immersed herself in the celebrations, connecting with speakers and community Elders.  

Melissa also spoke with Wiltru Yarlu who are responsible for engaging and recruiting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Together they discussed how a future collaboration of NDIS services could further support students during their time at the University of Adelaide. 

Overall, it was a celebration of uplifting community and uLaunch sincerely congratulate the University of Adelaide for providing a wonderful occasion dedicated to recognising the rich heritage of the Kaurna nation, their language and the connection to the land on which everyone gathered.  

With the hopes that this will become an annual event in the future, uLaunch look forward to carrying the learnings and knowledge on this day to further strengthen our connection with the community with the aim to be Taikurrinthi (united together).