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Masen Overcomes Anxiety on his Path to Employment

Masen Adams, a young man from Cranbourne, Victoria, stepped into uLaunch in June 2022 with a feeling of apprehensiveness fueled by anxiety. Contacting uLaunch was his turning point to change! 

Amidst the uncertainty, the NDIS team worked with Masen on his path to employment and supported him to break free from the anxiety that affected his career development. 

Discovering Potential 

Masen met with the NDIS team, they listened to his feeling of unease and how he wanted to take back control of his life. Masen had big aspirations for the future, and he was fed up feeling powerless. Taking a personcentred approach the team identified that he would best benefit from being in a supportive team to help build and grow his confidence. From this, the team began securing work experience for Masen as a steppingstone into employment. Masen communicated to the team that he was interested in the retail sector, and a short while later the team assisted him in starting at Harris Scarfe in Fountain Gate.  

The Journey 

Masen currently works at Harris Scarfe one day a week and has frequent catch ups with the uLaunch NDIS team on his progress. Masen has been doing a fantastic job and found himself settling into his role with a newfound sense of purpose. The staff at Harris Scarfe are so impressed with Masen’s dedication and hard work each week. He has taken charge of attaching security tags to clothing, bedding, and footwear and is determined to excel in every aspect of his role as each day he gains more confidence dealing with the customers.  

Embarking on this journey of work experience has held the promise of a brighter future for Masen. The dedicated support and regular catch ups with the team encouraged Masen each week in his role and has eased the burden of his anxiety, allowing him to flourish in his responsibilities.  

The Future Path to Employment 

uLaunch NDIS support services empower you to unlock your potential, and Masen has done just that. He has set new goals and ambitions to achieve long-term work and despite the challenges he may face, he will hold the advice from the NDIS team and not allow his anxiety to hold him back in future roles. We are excited to see what the next chapter has in store for Masen, and uLaunch will be there to help him grow and develop. 

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