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Employment Consultant Traineeship Program

By December 2, 2023December 6th, 2023No Comments
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The uLaunch ‘Employment Consultant Traineeship Program got off to an exciting start this month.  Spanning across our sites in Victoria, Queensland, Central New South Wales, Sydney and Southern Western Australia, the program aims to empower the trainees with the skills and knowledge needed for a fulfilling career in employment services. 

This initiative is the second of its kind and it not only provides the participants with invaluable hands-on experience but also offers the opportunity to earn a coveted Certificate IV in Employment Services.  Through this comprehensive qualification, the trainees will gain industry knowledge, enabling them to effectively utilise the uLaunch Service Delivery Model (SDM) during onsite training.  

The Trainees 

This year’s cohort of trainees are active go getters, coming from a diverse variety of backgrounds with the majority having never worked in employability services before.  However, all the participants have  one commonality between them, the drive to help others, this is reflection of uLaunch’s mission. Which is a commitment to empowering people with disability, fostering confidence, independence, and resilience through meaningful employment opportunities. This program is a testament to that commitment, providing trainees with the tools and skills needed to make a meaningful impact in the lives of they work with. 

The Program 

This twelve-month program incorporates a multifaceted approach, combining studies, mentoring, and peer support to ensure a holistic learning experience. This will equip the Employment Consultant trainees with the essential skills they need to provide a quality service, support job placements, and facilitate the transition of participants with disabilities, medical conditions, injuries, or illnesses into sustainable employment. They will be supported at each step of the way and empowered to advance their career goals.   

Future Employment Consultants  

Beyond the immediate impact on trainees, this program is contributing to the development of a new generation of Employment Consultants who have lived experience and by focusing on capacity-building, and ongoing support, uLaunch is committed not only investing in the success of its trainees but to shaping the future of the disability employment sector for the better.  

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