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Unlocking Career Potential: Kaine’s NDIS Journey with uLaunch

By November 10, 2023December 4th, 2023No Comments

Breaking Barriers, Embracing Strengths

In South East Melbourne, 22-year-old Kaine has triumphed over obstacles to secure a fulfilling position at a Rose and Tree Shrub Farm. This success story is a testament to the impactful journey Kaine undertook with uLaunch, a program dedicated to guiding individuals from school to meaningful employment.

Discovery and Optimism

Kaine’s introduction to uLaunch occurred in 2022 as part of the School Leaver Employment Support program. Despite facing challenges in reading and writing, Kaine’s optimism about finding employment in a supportive environment never wavered.

The program identified Kaine’s need for support in professionalism and work experience. Together, they honed in on his strengths – remarkable social skills, a kind nature, and a robust work ethic. This personalised approach fostered a notable improvement in Kaine’s confidence throughout their time together.

Overcoming Challenges, Building Resilience

A significant challenge arose from Kaine’s past struggles with mental health, creating hesitancy among potential employers. However, uLaunch provided unwavering support, working diligently to prepare Kaine for the workforce and securing a position with an employer committed to his success in open employment.

Presently, Kaine is flourishing in his role at the Rose and Tree Shrub Farm, working three days a week. His responsibilities include outdoor work and collaboration within a supportive team environment, where his reliability is highly valued.

Kaine journey serves as a poignant illustration of uLaunch’s commitment to working within NDIS services to empower individuals to overcome barriers and find meaningful employment. Through personalised support and a focus on individual strengths, uLaunch has played a pivotal role in Kaine’s transformative journey into the workforce, unlocking his true potential.

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