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Persistence is paying off for Hannah: hearing impairment is no barrier to employment

By May 11, 2023July 24th, 2023No Comments

The inspiring story of Hannah, a 20-year-old with hearing loss, is an example of the power of perseverance and the importance of inclusive employment practices. Despite facing numerous challenges in finding a training provider to support her dream of becoming a Veterinary Nurse, Hannah’s determination paid off with the help of Joblife Employment.

Joblife Young People’s Employment Pathway (YPEP) Consultant Allison played a crucial role in helping Hannah find a private training institution that could provide her with an interpreter and scribe to assist with her studies. With the support of Allison, Hannah was able to apply for the course and enrolled with confidence, knowing that she would have the necessary assistance to complete her qualification.

Thanks to this support, Hannah is now successfully working towards her dream job as a Veterinary Nurse with the RSPCA. She is able to put all that she has learned into practice in a real-life working environment, gaining invaluable experience in her field.

However, while studying part-time, Hannah still needed to earn an income. That’s where Allison stepped in again, encouraging Hannah to apply for a position with Woolworths. Thanks to the supportive team at Woolworths, Hannah was able to secure a job as a ‘Personal Shopper’ for online orders and other duties.

uLaunch - Portrait of Hannah

What’s particularly heart-warming about Hannah’s story is the positive impact she’s having on her community. ‘Hannah has become an inspiration to others in the Deaf Community, with people lining up to be served by her at Woolworths simply because they’re so thrilled to be served by someone who they can relate to’ Allison said.

It’s a testament to the importance of inclusive employment practices and the value of giving everyone a fair go. Hannah’s story is a reminder that, with the right support and opportunities, anyone can achieve their dreams, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Any participants in this article were being supported by our team at Joblife Employment and Jobfind at the time of publishing.