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Rabia’s transformation to someone filled with confidence and hope

By May 18, 2023July 24th, 2023No Comments

When Rabia approached Joblife, she was initially employed as a Support Worker but faced challenges in meeting her required benchmark hours. Additionally, Rabia suffered from excruciating pain due to a spinal injury, making it evident to Joblife Consultant Kalyani that the role was unsuitable for her.

Rabia described to Kalyani the arduous task of enduring back pain during every shift as a support worker. Despite the discomfort, she pushed through to complete her daily tasks. Kalyani empathetically listened to Rabia’s struggles and quickly understood that a change was necessary to alleviate her physical suffering and enhance her professional fulfillment.

Determined to support Rabia in her journey, Kalyani took it upon herself to explore alternative options, focusing on remote work opportunities. Through a diligent assessment of Rabia’s skills and experience, Kalyani began searching for suitable ‘Work from Home’ positions that would accommodate Rabia’s circumstances.

After careful evaluation and shortlisting, Rabia underwent a rigorous three-round interview process, with Kalyani providing unwavering support and encouragement every step of the way. Finally, Rabia received a life-changing ‘Letter of Offer’ for a work from home position as a Customer Service Consultant.

With her new role, Rabia no longer experiences constant pain, allowing her to work full-time and be present for her children after school. The positive impact on Rabia’s life has been profound, empowering her to regain her confidence and embrace newfound opportunities.

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Rabias Transformation

Recently, Rabia reached out to her dedicated Joblife Consultant, Kalyani, expressing her gratitude and appreciation. She shared her transformation from a broken individual to someone filled with confidence and hope. Rabia commended Kalyani for her understanding, support, and respect throughout their journey together. She emphasized the need for more individuals like Kalyani, affirming the positive difference she has made in her life.

Rabia’s experience with Joblife and the compassionate guidance of her consultant, Kalyani, demonstrate the profound impact that personalised support and determination can have on an individual’s professional and personal life. By recognizing Rabia’s limitations and proactively seeking a suitable work from home opportunity, Kalyani enabled Rabia to not only overcome her physical challenges but also flourish in a fulfilling career.

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