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Pre-employment program continues to create opportunity

By March 30, 2023June 17th, 2023No Comments

Angus Knight Group‘s pre-employment program in partnership with Menzies Aviation is giving participants of Jobfind and Joblife’s Disability Employment Services the opportunity to join the Menzies’ workforce at Sydney Airport.

We have participants who have been in roles for over 3 months and are doing so well Menzies has requested for us to put forward more participants for their upcoming intake.

Addressing employment inclusion

Menzies Aviation is currently recruiting for ground services staff to assist passengers with restricted mobility to board their flights and access airport facilities. 

Passengers with restricted mobility (PRM) represent a significant number of travellers through Sydney Airport and include the elderly, injured, and people with a disability. The need for assistants for PRM is predicted to increase as the population ages and travel restrictions ease post-COVID.

Our participants in Sydney include people with a disability who have been unable to secure stable and satisfying work. Their exclusion from employment often represents a lack of opportunity to work with employers who embrace diversity and offer flexible working hours, says Karena Newland, Jobfind and Joblife CEO. 

The pre-employment program with Menzies Aviation opens the doors to employment for participants who will benefit from joining an employer with a track record of diversity and inclusion. 

A major benefit to both Menzies Aviation and successful applicants, we continue to support our participants for a further 12 months following job placement. 

The pre-employment program

Participants met the Menzies Aviation Passenger Services Manager and received a walk-through of Sydney Airport. They also mapped their potential journey to work from their homes, updated their resumes, organised their work checks and practised their interview skills.  

Following the program, participants had the opportunity to apply for vacancies.

The program includes a strength and conditioning session to assess each candidate’s physical capability to undertake the manual handling requirements of the role. 

With the success of our current participants in roles. We will be continuing to encourage Job seekers to apply for upcoming vacancies.

Hear from our participants

Stuart: “I used to do nothing…I am now a more energetic, social and disciplined person and that makes me love myself and want to do more for that. I love what I do, who I do it with, who I do it for.. I love everything!”

Coletta: It’s really amazing. I ask if they can extend my shift because I don’t want to go home, I love it. The people I work with are very nice as well, so I like coming in to work with them. I always wanted to work at the airport and now I am here working!”

To learn more about how we can help you find sustainable and enjoyable employment visit:

uLaunch - photo of a man and a woman stand side by side in the offices of Menzie aviation.

Any participants in this article were being supported by our team at Joblife Employment and Jobfind at the time of publishing.