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A “beautiful” new job for newly married Robin

By February 2, 2023June 22nd, 2023No Comments


Over the past eight years, Robin (pictured above left with his Employment Consultant, Shazabinth) tried his hand at 10 different jobs. Despite being highly motivated to gain secure employment, the jobs did not stick. Sometimes, his enduring leg and shoulder impairments slowed him down. Sometimes, the shift work became a challenge. 

But when his Employment Consultant in Jobfind’s Disability Employment Service in Springvale VIC connected him to a delivery driving job, Robin finally found a role he could excel in and enjoy. 

Work readiness and wellbeing

Shazabinth Sritharan is Robin’s Disability Employment Service Consultant and was instantly impressed with Robin’s positivity when they first met in July 2022. 

Shazabinth soon learned that Robin had tried a variety of jobs in his efforts to come off income support – from pick packing to fiber optic cable slicing. 

“His persistence and willingness to work was a strength but after all the lost jobs, his confidence was waning,” explains Shazabinth. 

To build Robin’s confidence, Shazabinth offered him enrolment in three work readiness and wellbeing programs – and the ever-persistent Robin gratefully accepted all three! 

In the Bounce Program, Robin had intensive support to be well equipped for the job search process, including with resume and job application support and positive mindset techniques. 

With Pro Me career support and counselling, Robin received one-on-one support to map his way to careers that matched his interests, capabilities and goals. 

At the Gloves Program by Populi Solutions, Robin’s training included boxing to build his physical fitness as well as mental fitness work, such as managing emotions, teamwork, communication and stress management. 

Robin loved them all! 

“At Gloves, I met other people and we listened to everybody’s stories. I learned how to control your emotions so you can be healthy.” 

Robin soon started encouraging his peer group, too. 

The choice of two job offers

Just a few months later, Robin found himself fielding two job offers at the same time. 

Shazabinth was not surprised: “Robin had tried everything I had suggested. He’d done everything right. 

“After the intensive support, his job applications were better, his self-esteem had grown, and we could confidently recommend him to our employer network,” explains Shazabinth. 

Robin chose his current driving job based on having experience in a similar role. 

To assist the employer with hiring Robin, Jobfind was able to offer them the Restart Wage subsidy for people aged 50 years or older. Jobfind also accessed the government’s Employment Assistance Fund to provide Robin with financial support to purchase work gear and fund his initial transport costs to and from work.  


Robin at work

Robin began work as a full-time delivery driver for the technology company in December 2022, just as the hectic Christmas period was approaching. 

The busy schedule did not deter him, and he was soon in a great routine. “My life goes up and down because of my health. This job is suitable for my health, not so much physical lifting. In terms of pace, I can cope with it.” 

The best parts of the job 

Robin is happy he is now in his ideal job with the support of his Employment Consultant.

“Shazibanth helped me a lot with preparing me with the training. He’s really good at understanding how people feel.” 

Robin loves the flexibility his role offers: he is driving as well as helping the teams with packing. “I am moving around and not sitting in one place all day, but it’s not demanding…and that’s good for my health.” 

Robin describes his job as “beautiful”, made all the better by a boss who encourages and appreciates him. 

His new wife is happy, too. “I have a pretty good salary, she’s happy,” says Robin. 

About Jobfind Disability Employment Services 

Jobfind is entrusted by the Australian Government to deliver disability employment services in local government areas in Central West Sydney, Fairfield, Liverpool, Wollongong, Bayside, Monash and Cairns.  

We work with you and your advocates to understand your employment goals and help you prepare for the workforce with the right training and development support. Our network of local employers trusts Jobfind to help them hire great talent to join their business. Our support continues beyond placement, helping employers and their new employee to thrive together.