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uLaunch: Redefining Disability Employment for a More Inclusive Future

By July 20, 2023July 24th, 2023No Comments
A woman with pink and purple hair sits in a motorised wheelchair.

We are excited to announce that from 24 July 2023, Joblife Employment and sister company, Jobfind Disability services, are uniting to create a new organisation named uLaunch.

uLaunch is a new disability employment organisation that aims to empower people living with disability, illness and injury by making it easier to connect with meaningful work.

We strive to introduce new pathways to fulfilling and sustainable employment that are co-created and reviewed by people living with disability.

uLaunch combines the expertise, resources and networks of two respected disability employment services to deliver unparalleled support to people living with disability to connect with meaningful work.

Introducing uLaunch

uLaunch Participants

Over the past few months we have evaluated how Joblife and Jobfind can better deliver services to you and we have made some changes behind the scenes.

To drive innovation, uLaunch welcomes a new Board of Directors assembled for their expertise and lived experience of disability.

Nearly 40% of uLaunch staff identify as living with a disability, chronic illness or injury, bringing an unparalleled level of insight, understanding and connection to the service we offer our participants.

While the name may have changed, and we have made improvements, we have not changed the fundamentals. The staff you have been working with will remain the same. You can continue to expect the same level of professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail that you have come to know and trust from our team.

Please note that our contact information, including phone numbers, and physical address, will remain the same. View our locations.

For employers working with uLaunch

uLaunch helps employers build diverse workforces by providing support and expertise. We offer access to a diverse talent pool, valuable resources, and wage subsidies for eligible positions.

If you’re already working with our disability employment services, transitioning to uLaunch is easy. Our staff will handle updating your wage subsidy agreements, ensuring timely payments. For wage subsidy inquiries, email

Find out more

To contact uLaunch and learn more:

Phone: 1800 319 502