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Wayne’s Story: Inclusive Employment Practices

Wayne smiling at the camera and showing thumbs up.

In the bustling world of business, where success stories often go unnoticed amidst the hustle and bustle, there lies a tale of triumph and resilience that deserves a spotlight. This is the story of Wayne, a man whose remarkable work ethic has not only paved the way for his return to employment but has also set a shining example of what is possible when companies commit to inclusive, quality employment practices.

The Journey

Wayne, lovingly nicknamed ‘Thor’ by his colleagues for his incredible efficiency and strength in his commercial cleaning role, has demonstrated that the right opportunity can turn a life around. However, his journey back to the workforce wasn’t without challenges; following a period of health concerns and necessary surgery, Wayne found himself out of employment.

So, he reached out to uLaunch team and had his first meeting where he expressed his desire to return to work and his skills in cleaning.  The uLaunch team sprung into action and contacted Wayne’s previous employer. This led to extensive discussions and a co-designed approach to employment, where uLaunch and Wayne’s former employer crafted a role that was not only suited to Wayne’s abilities and needs but also allowed him to thrive. Now, working 25 hours a week in a new location, Wayne has not taken a single sick day, nor has there been any cause for complaints. His outstanding performance and cheerful spirit have made him an invaluable member of his team.

The Outcome

This success story serves as a beacon of hope and a case study for businesses everywhere on the impact of inclusive employment practices. Wayne’s journey back to part-time employment, facilitated by the innovative and empathetic approach of uLaunch and his employer, underscores the importance of listening, adapting, and co-designing roles that not only meet the operational needs of a business but also support the personal and professional growth of employees with disabilities. It is a clear testament to the quality of work and life that is attainable when organisations commit to partnering with individuals, understanding their unique stories, and integrating them into a community of support and opportunity.


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