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Liam’s Journey into Employment and Higher Education

Meet Liam Campos from Berwick, Victoria. Having previously faced physical barriers due to living with scoliosis, Liam was determined to overcome adversity and achieve his dream career of working in Education. So, in November 2023, he embarked on a transformative journey with uLaunch. 

Employment and Education Success 

Liam met with NDIS Consultant Lynne Calder, and he shared his hopes of pursuing a career in education. Together, they developed a dedicated plan to support Liam in achieving his employment goal. Through Liam’s perseverance and Lynnes’s determination for him to succeed, Liam landed his first job as an Education Support Officer at Berwick Creek Primary, a specialised Primary school. 

At Berwick Creek Primary, Liam finds immense joy in his role working with the children, particularly in his prep class. Liam currently works at the school three days a week and each day he is committed to changing the lives of these young learners, empowering them to unlock their potential, just like uLaunch did for him. 

In addition to his job, Liam has embarked on another journey – one of higher education. He enrolled in a Psychology degree at Federation University in Berwick and commenced a four-year program. With the challenges of balancing work and studies, Liam is determined to complete his course on schedule and the NDIS team will be there to provide support and assist him with career advancement. Liam currently attends the campus every Wednesday and Thursday and is making leaps and bounds in his studies to date, making new friends along the way. 

Further Success for Liam 

Despite facing barriers to employment Liam has made huge accomplishments. Securing his first job and starting his Psychology degree was a remarkable milestone in his journey, and to add to this triumph, Liam also recently passed his driving test! Another win for Liam as he is on the road to success. 

Liam’s story is a beacon of hope for individuals who may face similar challenges in their lives. It shows how the right support and guidance can help you achieve your goals. Nothing is too big, and the NDIS team at uLaunch are here to ensure you have every opportunity to advance, grow and develop. 

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