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Career Coaching Helps Boost Skills and Confidence

By November 24, 2022June 17th, 2023No Comments

Recently our teams in Sydney and Wollongong hosted a specialised Career coaching session in partnership with Flourishing Works.

The participants had the opportunity to attend 3 sessions covering:

  • Understanding your unique skills and attributes
  • How to identify suitable and sustainable job options
  • Explore training needs
  • Job seeking strategies
  • Resume and Cover letter review
  • Career action plans
  • Transferable skills analysis

There were 12 clients who participated making it a full session! The interaction between the clients, the consultants and the career experts proved to be a great combination for improving motivation, morale and confidence in everyone who took part.

The clients felt they had a clearer outlook on the career path and industries they are now going to pursue.

uLaunch - photo of coach talking to a room of people
uLaunch - photo of a group of workers listening to a presenter in a board room

Looking for Staff?

Benefits of Employing People with Disability:

  1. People with disability generally take fewer days off, take less sick leave and stay in jobs longer than other workers.
  2. Once in the right job, people with disability perform as well as other employees.
  3. People with disability build strong connections with customers.
  4. People with disability boost staff morale and enhance a sense of teamwork.
  5. People with a disability represent your customers and communities.

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Any participants in this article were being supported by our team at Joblife Employment and Jobfind at the time of publishing.