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Fit For Work!

By September 6, 2022June 17th, 2023No Comments

Many enthusiastic job seekers are getting fit for work during a weekly boxercise and personal development class, which gives them the edge they need in finding the perfect role within the job market.

Adam Biswell of Joblife believes getting fit and discussing personal development objectives such as how to overcome hindrances to work, how to create goal setting exercises, cognitive behavioural therapy and more, as a supportive group helps people feel more confident to gain employment.

The Gloves Program came about based on Joblife’s experience recognising that a variety of innovative methods are required to engage and support job seekers in their job search.

The six-week program is comprised of a one two-hour session a week, in a local gym at Logan.

Joblife also believe that by reinforcing the connection between community and people with disability it strengthens the perceived identity of those with a disability, dissolving any bias, and in turn mobilises a potential group of workers into the workforce.

This initiative has successfully run in Townsville, Queensland previously, which saw:

  • 100% attendance for enrolled job seekers in the program
  • Over 66% of those who participated moved into work shortly after.

To learn more about the GLOVES program visit: GLOVES | Populi Solutions

Find out more about how we can help you find meaningful employment: Jobseekers – Joblife (

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